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Stone Chameleon Tour – My Review

Stone Chameleon

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of Jocelyn Adams blog tour for Stone Chameleon. It’s no secret that Jocelyn is one of my favourite paranormal romance writers. She has the rare ability to weave stories that capture the imagination so fully, you’ll disappear into the world she’s created and emerge on the other side feeling like you’ve been put through the wringer along side her characters. And yes, that’s a GOOD thing. In fact, it’s what every writer aspires to achieve.

Stone Chameleon 333x500Blurb:

When a series of unusual murders point to Lou Hudson, Ironhill’s equal rights advocate, as the primary suspect, she has but one choice: find the real perpetrator before her trial begins or face execution.

Lou, the last of the jinn, survives by hiding her abilities after the rest of the elementals fell victim to genocide. As a preternatural pest exterminator and self-proclaimed guardian of the innocent, she’s accustomed to trudging through the dregs of society. Hunting down a pesky murderer should be easy, especially with help from the dashing and mischievous local media darling.

For Lou, though, nothing is ever simple. When she discovers the killer’s identity, to reveal it would unearth her secret and go against her strict moral code, resulting in a deadly catch twenty-two.


My Review:

Well, first off, I have to admit I was one of the lucky few who got to beta read this story for Jocelyn. I knew I was in for a treat because I’d already read her kick-ass Lila Gray series (If you haven’t read it, you really should). Even at the early stage of the story’s evolution, it was polished and captivating. I’m assured very little of the plot has changed since my reading. Jocelyn’s first drafts are like most peoples final manuscripts. Seriously, this woman is a born writer—she possesses a gift.

So, what do I like most about this novel? It’s a toss-up between the characters and the world building. The story world is enthralling. The reader is thrust into the belly (literally) of a modern day American city jam-packed with preternatural creatures. Lou Hudson is the girl tasked with managing the more…difficult inhabitants, and for a number of reasons, it’s the race politics and tension between groups that make this novel so accomplished.

Lou walks a fine line trying to keep her jinn heritage under wraps, and in doing so she proves herself to be a strong and determined lady. She’s caring and sensitive, yet she doesn’t take bullsh*t from anyone. The other characters are a wonderful ensemble of oddballs: a Scottish kelpie, a sugar addicted pixie, a kilt-wearing vampire, and the list goes on. But what story would be complete without a furry sidekick? Benny the Guinea Pig is so cute and stole my heart with his huge personality.

I love stories that keep me guessing and Stone Chameleon did just that. Without providing spoilers, I can say the ending is left wide open and key characters aren’t what they seem. It’s a fast-paced read with action, romance, and mystery—everything you could ask for. I can’t wait to read more in the series. Get writing Jocelyn!

Now I’ll treat you to an excerpt, and you can find out about Lou Hudson for yourself. There’s even a fire breathing dragon bat. How cool is that?


A flare shot over the rooftops to our left. I dove at Blake and slammed him to the pavement as another column of fire streaked toward us. The flames seared my back. The dragon bat was not a happy camper. Someone landed on my backside, crushing a grunt out of me and pounding my shoulder blade while Blake gasped beneath me.

“Bloody hell, Amun,” I said, before I realized he did it to put out the flames eating up my shirt. “Oh, I see. Thanks.”

He pulled me up, and the three of us ducked behind a car in the parking lot beside the Whip and Tickle, a vampire fetish-wear shop. The owl-sized bat swooped over us again, blasting an inferno that exploded the front window of the shop, sending studded leather and melted mannequins onto the sidewalk.

Three of the other creatures we’d hunted lay dead on other streets, the scorpion included, all by my sword when I’d been left with two options: kill or die. Twelve more were contained in three trucks. The bat remained the only unwelcome visitor in Fangtown. Other than us, of course.

“This is madness, Lou.” Amun panted beside me, his arms rising to shield his head as the bat exhaled on a Mini Cooper two cars over, the crackling and popping suggesting we should find a new hiding place.

“I agree with Mr. Bassili,” Blake said, his drawl worsening with his fright. “What the hell in a hand grenade do we do now?”

Rudy poked his almost translucent head out from behind the newspaper boxes he dove behind during the first fiery blast. The poor guy shook so badly I’d have been surprised if he could see anything. I gestured to him to stay put. “We’ve scared it, not something you want to do to a dragon bat.” A deep exhalation centered me enough to think. “I seem to recall the pecking order in a colony of bats. If we want protection from the dominants, we must present an offering of food.”

“And that helps us how?” Amun, his face blackened with soot and smeared with dirt, tilted to rest against the tire of the car, appearing as frazzled as I’d ever seen him. The sight induced a belly laugh that wouldn’t be contained.

He took on a strange expression of one eyebrow cocked and a half-grin, as if he wasn’t sure whether to be amused or offended. “What?”

I waved him off. “Nothing, I think I’m just losing my marbles.” Rising up enough to see around the car to Rudy, I shouted, “Rudy, do you have any rodents in your truck? Rats or mice?”

“No,” he hollered back, “but I can call some for you.”

I nodded. “As fast as you can.”

Flapping came from our rears. Crackling. A blast tossed the front of a car up until it crashed down on its hood, crushing a Mazda behind it.

“Move!” I shoved at Amun and tugged Blake toward the back of the fetish shop, since it was much closer than the front where flames still poured out of the broken window. Amun kicked out with a startling force against the wooden door. It took three tries, but it finally gave. My, but he was strong. We rushed inside and crouched behind a cement wall beside a set of stairs leading down.

“What do you want the rats for?” Amun asked with obvious suspicion. “Tell me you don’t want one of us to go out there and dangle something for that thing to come and snatch, probably toasting us to a golden brown in the process? Because I think I’ve grown a healthy dose of sympathy for marshmallows right about now.”

“Don’t worry, Amun. I’m going, not you. We just need to listen for Rudy to come back, if he hasn’t chickened out and run for the hills. Hopefully rats like to hang out here and aren’t snapped up for evening snacks.” There was a reason the umikan stuck to small, normal pests, other than his ability to talk to them. Although he’d deal with the scarier stuff when the need called for it, he usually didn’t have enough courage to fill a thimble.

“What?” Amun palmed his forehead. “You can’t be serious.” He gestured toward the door. “Have you been oblivious to the destruction that thing caused just in the last ten minutes? It’s pissed, and I don’t think it’s going to care about some little morsel you offer it.” His frown tugged at his features. “Why are you smiling like that?”

I shrugged, hopped up on adrenaline and enjoying the sight of the great Amun Bassili squirming. “This is what I do for a living.”

“You’re enjoying this?” Both of his eyebrows jacked up.

“Yup,” Blake said, rolling his eyes and chuckling from deep in his belly. “Weirdest broad I ever knew. Takes a bit of starch outta the ole manhood, don’t it?”

I wiped the char from my hands onto my jeans. “To do a job one takes no pride in is a travesty, in my opinion.”

At Rudy’s shout from beyond the wall, I said, “Stay here. Don’t come out until I call or you could send the bat into fits again.”

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Jocelyn Adams grew up on a cattle farm in Lakefield and has remained a resident of Southern Ontario her entire life, most recently in Muskoka. She has worked as a computer geek, a stable hand, a secretary, and spent most of her childhood buried up to the waist in an old car or tractor engine with her mechanically inclined dad. But mostly, she’s a dreamer with a vivid imagination and a love for dark fantasy (and a closet romantic — shhh!). When she isn’t shooting her compound bow in competition or writing, she hangs out with her husband and young daughter at their little house in the woods.

Website  |  BlogFacebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads


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What Scares Aimee Laine?

Let’s jump straight in. What scared you most as a child?

The IDEA of not having my family around me. Seriously. I was a true stay-at-home kinda kid. Hated going over to sleep overs and came home every night by midnight because I just couldn’t be away from my mom and dad. I’d get physically ill if they went on vacation without me. I have no idea how they dealt with me. :)

We’re still very close even though we’re 2 hours apart. :)

What scares you most as an adult?

I have an inane and ridiculous fear of asphyxiation if I throw up. I’m sure it’s a phobia in fact. I will do EVERYTHING humanly possible not to get sick and when I do, this fear claws at me. My other one is heights. I get anxiety-like symptoms when I even THINK about standing on top of a building and looking down. I went up the Sears Tower in Chicago years ago and stood on the inside part. Luckily there was so much fog, I couldn’t see anything. Went up the needle in Seattle about 7 years ago — same deal about where I stood, but when my girls ran up to the glass, I panicked and had to strap them in their stroller and roll away. I even get nauseous when looking at pictures people took from those heights, looking down. Yup. I do. And that goes back to my fear #1 and thus it is a cyclical problem.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee on-line at a writing and critiquing website called Scribophile. Since then, Aimee’s had wonderful success with a number of published books, most recently Hide & Seek.

You can find out more about Aimee on her blog and website, and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Aimee Laine

Aimee Laine

About Aimee Laine

Aimee is a romantic at heart and a southern transplant with a bit of the accent (but not a whole bunch). She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and with him, she’s produced three native North Carolinians, two of whom share the same DNA.

With an MBA and a degree in Applied Mathematics, there’s absolutely no reason she should be writing romance novels. Then again, she shouldn’t need a calculator to add two numbers, either … but she does.


So, let’s ask Aimee a few more questions. Would you prefer to spend the night in a graveyard or a haunted house? (And yes, you
have to choose one or the other.) Please give reasons.

Graveyard absolutely. At least I won’t be contained by walls. And they aren’t scary at night. They are peaceful at night because the dead are asleep and you can’t tell they are there.

What two objects would you take with you on your spooky sleepover? Please give reasons.

My tennis shoes of course. ‘Cuz I gotta RUN.
My husband (he’s the object of my affection, so I think he counts). And there are oh so many reasons for this answer, but some reasons have to stay secret. ;)

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek

Lie, cheat or steal, no one can catch Tripp Fox. Except one woman.
Lexi Shepherd’s knack for finding whatever is asked of her isn’t sheer luck. It’s a gift from the Greek god Zeus.
That Lexi doesn’t use her ability to search for “Mr. Right” comes from one of many personal rules she has set for herself. Number one is not to let fate dictate her future.
Falling in love with Tripp breaks all the others.
Despite her principles, Lexi’s unable to stay away from the bad boy, and she finds herself toeing the grey line of the law for him.
Zeus, though, didn’t give Lexi and Tripp their talents to make their relationship a simple, easy alliance. He designed it to be exactly the opposite. Impossible. Always.
With their separation, Lexi expects Tripp to forfeit love in favor of destiny. He, on the other hand, intends to beat Zeus at his own game. With a plan in place, Tripp challenges Lexi to take the one action no one else can.
Find him.
The question isn’t can she … but will she?

Favourite six sentences from the book.

He shushed her with the touch of a finger to her lips. “Do you trust me, Lexi? Will you, just for a moment, or a few days, even a week, set aside the moral compass against which you measure me day in and day out and just trust me?”
She bit at the side of her lip. Can I? Wasn’t that exactly the prob- lem that brought me here?

Buy it now from Amazon.

And for my final question…You’re walking your dog late at night. He slips his collar and runs into the local cemetery. You follow him inside and find him sniffing at a freshly covered grave. Before you’re able to drag him away, a hand thrusts up through the soil and grabs your leg. What do you do?

My heart picks up speed, thrumming in my chest. A scream leaves my lips. I kick at the hand, breaking from its skeletal grasp, the piece of bone and dirt whinging into the air like shrapnel. I race off toward the exit, wondering at the fact I hold a limp leash in my hand. I’m not a dog person. Never have been. Have I crossed into another dimension? Did the dog lead me to the cemetery, to the rotting corpse who’d decided to jump up and grab me? And where did the dog go?
I stop at the exit and turn, wonder playing through my mind as my heart’s beat furiously pumps blood through my core.
If it’s not my dog, because how could it be since I don’t own one, then why had I been walking it and where did it go?
Maybe that hand thing grabbed it, too, and ate it.
Yeah, that’s probably it.
I turn back around to leave.
The dog sits just behind me. Teeth gnashing, growl building in its fleshy jowls.
With one push of its legs, it leaps toward me.
I can’t even cover my face before it digs its paws into my chest, knocking me flat to my back. All air in my lungs is pressed out, leaving my gasping. Claws dig into my upper body, over and over.
Over and over.
Over and over and over and over.
Until the face staring back at me mewls.
I blink, unable to understand. The dog is meowing?
How is this possible?
A strangled garble escapes my throat, dryness caking my tongue.
I’m going to die at the hands of a psychopathic, meowing dog.
The pressure above me remains, sounds of purrs and rumbles growing deeper into me as if sucking me into the ground below.
With a last effort, I reach up and push at the creature. I wobbles, claws raking their way down my front as it rolls off.
A shriek follows.
Along with the buzz of an alarm clock.
I blink open my eyes as morning dawns, only to find a cat laying across my neck and another glaring at my from my side, licking her blood soaked paws.
Both gaze into my eyes as I realize, I’m not being attacked by a dog, but by a cat.
My own.
With a shrill cry, I am pummeled into oblivion.
Should have gotten a dog.

Aimee, thank you so much for providing us with such fun and detailed answers. I’m sure readers will join me in wishing you much success with Hide & Seek and all your future projects.


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Interview with J.A. Belfield

I’d like to introduce you to J.A. Belfield, a fellow UK lass who I met well over a year ago on the writing/critiquing website, Scribophile. Ms. Belfield’s writing career has blossomed in the last year, and I’m thrilled she’s here to answer some questions and tell us about her latest publication, Instinct.

J. A. Belfield

J.A. Belfield

J.A. Belfield


 J. A. Belfield, author of The Holloway Pack Stories, lives in Solihull, England, with her husband, two children, three cats and a dog. She writes paranormal romance, with a second love for urban fantasy.






Werewolf Sean Holloway treats the village marketplace like a sexual buffet, though his charm does little to win over his latest entrée of choice. Whether because of Jem Stonehouse’s unique scent, her headstrong nonchalance, or the fact he is forbidden to see her by his pack’s rules, Sean wants her.

When Jem is nothing but flippant toward his advances, he pursues her with vigour, stealing moments alone with her without a libido-driven agenda.

The new and heady experience for him drives their relationship beyond romantic interest, and straight toward love.

That is, until Jem learns the truth about Sean’s heritage. Knowledge of the existence of werewolves leads to only one outcome: death.
In this prequel to Darkness & Light, we are taken back in time, to the very beginning of Jem and Sean’s love-across-the-centuries relationship.
Did it end there? Or did Sean defy his own pack to save the woman he loves?

Welcome to my blog, Ms. Belfield. I’m so chuffed to have the opportunity to chat about your novella, Instinct.  Perhaps you could start by telling us about it.

Think werewolves, forbidden love worth fighting for, a little bit of action and family battles tied in with the romance, and you pretty much have Instinct—as well as a chance to see Sean Holloway in a whole new light.

Darkness & Light

Darkness & Light

Instinct is a prequel that by no means needs to be read as part of the series, or even prior to Darkness & Light (despite it being labelled as story #0). In fact, if asked for a recommended order for my books, I often suggest reading Instinct after Darkness & Light—but that’s merely because there are a lot of revelations for Jem in Darkness & Light, and Instinct does hold potential spoilers for some of those.

You had me at werewolves. :-) Forbidden love and conflict are just the icing on the cake. :-)

Instinct is a provocative title. How did you choose it?

In all honesty, Instinct wasn’t the original title. Before I begin a new story, I at least need a working title—one that will guide me in understanding the basics of the plot. So, Instinct was initially titled *cringe* Animal Attraction. I much prefer Instinct. After all, the story is pretty much a battle of instincts, so it fit.



How do you choose character names?

Main characters are easy. Most of the time, their names pop into my head along with the character when they’re trying to make me take notice of their tale. As for supporting characters, I either search the ‘Net until one clicks for me, or I have a list of names that I’ve heard rolled off someone’s tongue in a way that caught my attention. Unless the character is a main player, though, I don’t think too long and hard about what to call them. Quite often, I come across a new character and pause for around thirty seconds to conjure a title for them and bam! they have their name and I’m moving on already. In the last novel I wrote, I introduced a couple of characters I considered unworthy of naming, and they promptly became branded as Odd and Odder. :o)

What makes your protagonist, Sean Holloway, tick?

What makes Sean Holloway tick …? *drums fingers on chin* Um … in Instinct, definitely sex. Until Jem, that is. Though that doesn’t mean he stops thinking about sex. And I just realised that makes the novella sound way more erotic than it actually is. Trust me, this is pure paranormal romance.

Are you working on other writing projects at the moment?



Usually, this is the point where I waffle on and on about the future plans for The Holloway Pack, yada yada, to the point there’s simply not enough syrup to go around. So I’ll keep it short about them and say: Eternal, which continues the story of Instinct, is due out July 2nd 2012, and Blue Moon: A Holloway Pack Story #2 is due out December 3rd 2012.

Now, moving on: the only projects I’m currently working on are a short story, titled Escort to Insanity, for a winter anthology—another paranormal romance with a little bit of weirdness and a whole lot of crazy that will introduce characters unconnected to the Holloway Pack.

Around that I’m editing Caged: A Holloway Pack Story #3. I could tell you about that. But then I’d have to kill you. :o)

*holds hands up* No, don’t do anything you’ll regret. We’ll wait.

So who will enjoy reading Instinct?

You will. Yes, you! And you … and you … and you, hehehehe. Instinct will soothe every romantic out there, and even some of the non-romance-lovers. But then, I never write with a particular audience in mind. I only ever write from the heart.

How long have you been writing?

I began writing in the spring of 2009, when I wrote a trilogy, back-to-back, two weeks per novel. Needless to say, they were pretty shoddy. Then, 6.5 weeks after I began my first novel, I started writing Darkness & Light: A Holloway Pack Story #1. At the time, I had no idea just how many potential stories would arise for the characters, as Darkness & Light entered my head as a stand-alone novel. Who’d have thought Sean & Jem wouldn’t be willing to part ways with me when I reached the end?

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Fated Encounters

Fated Encounters

Pantser all the way, baby. Where’s the fun in plotting? I’d much rather just begin writing and have the excitement of seeing the twists and turns my story takes as I go along. Besides, I never know how certain occurrences in each book will affect the MC’s emotions or their character until I inflict them with it, so there’s always potential for the story to follow a path I failed to see.

Oh, and first person is my favoured. I love closing my eyes before I begin writing the scene and allowing my mind to slide into character. Of course, there is the drawback of their depression becoming my depression if I lose hold of the reins. ;o)

Thank you so much for providing us with such fun and detailed answers. I’m sure readers will join me in wishing you every success with Instinct and all your other projects.

Instinct can be purchased from a variety of on-line retailers including Amazon and B&N.

You can visit JA Belfield at her website and blog, follow her on facebook and Twitter.


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